I have always been around animals, having grown up on a farm.  I competed in horse shows for quite awhile before showing dogs.  At one time I was showing both horses and dogs before deciding that it was with the dogs where my heart was.

I believe that being out and showing competitively in obedience is a wonderful asset in the planning of our breeding program.  Over the years of showing, I have accumulated over 7000 OTCH points.  I am currently showing OTCH Tanbark’s Ubectcha UDX5 OGM with 2 youngsters coming up.

The above picture on the left is “OTCH Tanbark’s Something’s Burnin UDX15 – Coke.  Coke was 2007 OBEDIENCE DOG OF THE YEAR.  She accomplished this just 2 months shy of 11 years of age.  She continued to compete until she was 12 years old.  Some of her other accomplishments  include perfect scores of 200, World Series Winner, National Specialty Winner, 73 High in Trials, 55 High Combines’ and dam of our first Field Trial Champion.  I did not start training her until she was two years old.  Once we started training, it was hard to take time out for puppies, which was the original reason I kept her. She was quick to learn and always willing to work.  Coke was 3 months shy of 17.

The picture on the right is OTCH Tanbark’s Always UDX12 OGM.  What a thrill it was to step in the ring with Sly.  Whether we were training, showing, or just playing at home she truly lived up to her name as she was ALWAYS ready and willing to play the game.  I love the above picture of her as it really shows the spirit of this little red dog.

Although Mike my husband is not involved with the breeding process, he has been showing for over 30 years and also is an AKC obedience judge.  He also helps with the raising of the puppies, taking pictures and gives his support, especially when I am out showing.

We hope you enjoy our web site and if you have one of our dogs, please keep us updated.  We will post your new titles and pictures of your Tanbark dogs.